The Older Cats Society Chain Stories
The Older Cats Society Chain Stories were begun in March 2000 by Blackie Jamison, who was then leader of OCS. Every month, Blackie would begin and end the story; OCS members would add to it, leaving the story at a point to let another cat give his or her creative best. This tradition was carried on by the next leader, Spike Brewer, with the assistance of Lloyd, McGee, and Shibui. Lloyd volunteered to compile and format the stories. After he went to Rainbow Bridge, McGee assumed the responsibility. Shibui provided support by saving the entries and proof-reading the stories, as well as offering suggestions and encouragement.

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Table of Contents

Please click on titles to read the compiled chain stories written by creative members of The Older Cats Society. Sixteen additional stories are being restored and moved to new locations; they will be added to the Table of Contents when this task is completed.

I.   Nero's Story
II.   The Story of Blueness
III.   Jethro's Story
IV.   Blackie's Story
V.   Kleidsdale's Story
VI.   Sparky's Story
VII.   Lessa's Story
VIII.   Scruffy's Story
IX.   Scruppie's Story
X.   Scraggles' Story
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